Imagine being more in control, fulfilled and less stressed at home.


Now they come with a manual

Wether you are just looking for tips on giving your baby the best start in life or you want to influence your child’s behaviour, Kids can help you and your family.


This book has something for everyone.

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Dr Cyrille A.C. van Bragt The Netherlands

From the Director MLE Fontys University for Child Education


Children: we love them. Sometimes we understand them but often we don’t. We try to raise them as best we can, as parents, mentors, caregivers, guides, awakeners and also as teachers. In this book, Matt and Paul describe ordinary situations and give possible solutions, there are no judgements made and the book is written with pure honesty. It reminds us of the beautiful fact that every day is a brand new day – filled with possibilities to grow. Let’s start from there, with a flexible , creative, persistent mindset and keep on learning.

Imagine your home life being calmer, happier and more fun

Do you want to enable your child to fulfil their potential?

Do you want to ensure that your child is ready for whatever life brings?

Kids the manual truly is THE handbook containing step by step processes to follow.

Giving you the tools to ensure that you create life long positive behavioural flexibility in your child.

You can begin applying these tools straight away and see immediate results.

Are you a parent who needs real help, right now?

Based on research from the most recent findings in educational and early years development, to give you a solid

grounding in ‘why’ and  ‘how’ the book works.

So, you can enjoy learning and discovering the world as a family.

Become learners together and explore the amazing life that is unfolding in front of you.

As you become more confident with the skills and techniques within this manual, you unconsciously give your child

permission to grow more confident too.

Be the model parent that your child can rely upon, be their rock and watch them fly.

Parenting – is more than a win-win process.

By helping your child to develop, we all win!

Does Your Child Have Development Problems?

Praise for the book

Another excellent book from Matt Hudson ("The Saboteur Within" is a masterpiece).

Brilliantly written so that it's understandable and practical. There's so much in here that each parent/teacher will have to prioritize what is most important for each child. For me and my daughters, having very brief conversations with them (more specifically, their subconscious), while they are asleep has made such a difference within just three nights. They are more confident, as their teachers and swimming instructor have noticed and commented on.

Mike New results training

At last a practical guide to parents and teachers struggling to raise happy and responsible children and young people. The increasing pressure of the modern world is taking its toll on our young people as they seek to find their place. Depression and burn out, once the preserve of high flying executives, are seen in more and more school students and building self confidence / self-esteem is vital if they are going to be able to cope with the increasing demands placed upon them. Matt Hudson and Paul Dearlove provide clear, accessible strategies that will enable you to nurture confident, flexible and happy young people despite the pressures of an increasingly rigid educational system and the often damaging impact of social media. I for one will be putting those strategies to work as both a parent and a teacher. Many thanks to the authors.

Kim Cowie Former teacher, currently a Lecturer in Education

This book is an absolute must for anyone in a parent/carer/mentor/educator role with children and young people. It is a one-stop shop full of insight into behaviours and how our minds work and more importantly, how our beliefs and values control our perception and actions. When we realise that we never challenge the status quo and what is normal for us, it is clear to see how our lives go 'according to plan'. As well as being a toolkit to use with others it is also a self-awareness journey which allows the reader to implement a few changes too - a positive impact all round. Thank you to Matt and Paul for sharing their expertise and knowledge, you should be proud that you have now produced 'The Manual' that we all wish came with having children.

Mrs E

Then you will know from speaking to the professionals, developmental problems are dramatically on the rise and that resources are stretched to the limit. If you are looking for the state to help you out, you will be waiting a long time.

Children are pushed further and further down the line as resources are diverted to deal with the latest crisis.

It’s not their fault that state funded programs are massively under supported.
That leaves you out in the cold looking for options on the internet.

Each of the chapters begins with a fairy tale or metaphor that mums and dads can use to guide their child’s mind to a better outcome.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) have been shown to impact our whole lives.

The challenge for a parent is to keep your child from harm and encourage them to remain curios about the world around them.

KIDS the manual will support you in clearing those barriers to learning, so that your child can take on the current lessons of today, without being trapped in yesterdays troubles.

Tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts

This book hands you some theoretical perspectives about change, experiences, brain development, communication, language and patterns.

It accompanies these concepts with practical applications.

Using different starting points the book discusses various roles we can adopt to help children grow.

Tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, it’s all about how to get to know our children better.

More importantly it’s about getting to understand ourselves and who we are as parents, why do we do the things we do and react the way we do.


Buy now £4.99

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