Is Dyslexia a disability or is there a rapid solution?

Is dyslexia seen as a disability solely because the education system has been unable to rectify the problem. What if it’s just a barrier to learning?

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20 years ago I was told that my son was dyslexic, yet within 2 weeks he was reading fluently.

Hi, I’m Matt Hudson and today I want to share with you the tool I used all those years ago to “clear” my son’s dyslexia.

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As a father and teacher, I struggled with the notion of my boy not being able to spell with him having a disability, it just didn’t make sense?

There was this feeling that this just wasn’t right!

He was bright, articulate and in no way appeared disabled, except where reading, spelling, and writing was concerned.

I felt responsible for ensuring my child could read.

In giving him the best start I could in life.

I’m sure that you feel the same way, as you are here reading this page.

If your child is struggling with poor spelling or reading you don’t need them labelled as “disabled”, do you?

Thats not going to give them the best start.

Unfortunately the research speaks for itself, if your child is behind in reading they are going to stay behind.

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For whatever reason if your child falls behind they are not going to be able to catch up.

Unfortunately, we live more and more in a “box world” where if you don’t fit you are pushed out.

If you can’t keep up you are dropped down the levels.

Imagine the humiliation and self-consciousness caused by being culled from your peers because you can’t keep up.

Lagging to far behind and then you are labelled “disabled”

Diagnosis of dyslexia is going through the roof


People diagnosed with dyslexia


People "They" think have dyslexia

Once diagnosed a child is usually helped through support from specialist assistants at school, extra tuition and more time to complete written exams.

Causing more embarrassment and trauma.

20 years ago I cleared my son’s dyslexia in 2 weeks.

Unlike the “mainstream” I don’t see Dyslexia as a disability!

It’s a simple barrier to learning that can be overcome easily with the right approach.

The system I created 20 years ago has been refined to help clear dyslexia, quickly.

Today the whole process takes less than an hour and I want to share it with you and your child.

When you see your child as having a barrier to learning then all you need are the right tools to help.

As soon as you see your child as having a barrier to learning then you will realise that they can be helped, quickly, easily and with fun!

How do we manage to get near immediate results?

What are you getting today

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