If your child has any of these 4 common childhood

issues I can help!

Additional classes or a therapist may not be the best answer

chronic no more

Ask around and you will find parents who have had their child in therapy or additional studies for years, with little to no improvement.

Your child is not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed.

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I have been successfully creating behavioural change and hypnotic interventions for over 25 years.

This package has been put together to help parents/teachers and coaches to transform the lives of our children.

The biggest problem facing your child is time.

With each day that passes they are learning to feel bad, guilty and ashamed, because they aren’t developing at the same speed as their friends.

As your child grows older they gather more experiences to prove that they are no good at X,Y,Z, but It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why I don’t recommend therapy or additional studies.

It’s not that these are bad per se, but neuroscience informs us that the smart brain shuts down when we are stressed or perceive a threat within our environment. Additional studies or traditional therapy models continue to place our children within the problem context, so the stress on your child increases, their self-esteem decreases and so does time and money.

Worse still, your child is unable to retain the extra tuition or therapy because their smart brain is shut down, the learning is erased directly after the session. This is why they don’t seem to get anywhere, they are literally trapped in a hypnotic loop, that needs to be broken. 

Hypnosis works on the limbic system, the area of the brain that is wide awake during stressful situations. The limbic system influences our memory, learning, emotions, behaviour and motivation, so you can understand why it’s so important to work with it directly.


Use this so you can help your family to get a good nights sleep. If your child is having nightmares then everyone else will be losing sleep too. 

Your child needs a hand to process information inside their limbic system. Think of it like a file that’s too big to send in an email, your system blocks it. A nightmare works in a similar way. Breaking the information into smaller pieces allows it to process effectively and, more importantly, for your child to have sweet dreams.

Speech Impediments

Use this so you can help your child to open up again and speak easily. At some point your child has perceived a threat within their environment and it’s scared them. The problem is that this ‘fear’ is continuing to trigger, which can cause the speech impediment.

Your child is a fast learner and that is why we need to help them to unlearn this part of their development and relearn it in a better way. Clearing this emotional memory image is key to helping your child find their voice. 


Use this so you can help your child to recover from being bullied. 

The threat of being bullied is imprinted within your child’s mind as an emotional memory image. This acts as a memory tag and can generalise fear about returning to the classroom or environment where the bullying took place. 

Removing the image is key to your child regaining their confidence and genuinely being free from the bully.



If you want your child to grow into a happy, assertive and well-balanced individual then helping them to develop self-esteem is the key.
Their self-confidence will shine through, no matter what the circumstance. This is because your child will be comfortable in their own ability to do and say what must be done and said. Their own sense of pride and moral compass will deliver you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done a great job as a parent.




We all need a hand in understanding how our mind, body and brain connect to create the thing we call life.

That’s what the offer is, a way to reach your child.

The Kids package targets the limbic system, it’s fun, easy to use, creates rapid results, it’s affordable and fast.

You will have lifetime access to ‘Kids hypno pack’ on my learning portal, for you to use everyday.

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If after committing to my program and using it for 60 days you are not 100% happy I’ll refund your money.

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